Nature World St. Lucia Hiking Trail

2 Hour Trail

Immerse yourself in Nature

Upon arrival you are immediately immersed in nature, the sounds of birds singing, flowing rivers and trees sweeping the air quickly fill your senses.

Welcome to Nature World.

A 100 acre property which sits on the edge of a forest reserve.

Nature world is the only trail in St. Lucia to boast not 1, not 2 but 3 waterfalls all on the same property. 

Difficulty level is Challenging: To complete the trail you are required to be in good physical condition.

Guides are mandatory not only for your safety but as there are several paths in the forest.


Waterfall Nature Trail

 Trek through forest mountains and immerse yourself in lush green foliage, rivers  and waterfalls.

Nature World Trail

Nature World Trail St. Lucia Viewpoint 

A gorgeous trail on the east cost of St. Lucia deep in the forest woodlands, great for bird watching, boasting 3 waterfalls on property.