Bird Species which inhabit Nature world

Broad Winged Hawk


 A small hawk of the genus Buteo. As in most raptors, females are slightly larger than males. wings are relatively short and broad with a tapered, somewhat pointed appearance. 

Mangrove Cuckoo

Mangrove Cuckoo

 Adults have a long tail, brown above and black-and-white below, and a black curved bill with yellow on the lower mandible. The head and upper parts are brown. There is a yellow ring around the eye.

Green Throated Carib

Green Throated Carib

The green-throated carib is a species of hummingbird in the genus Eulampis

St. Lucian Peewee

Natureworld St. Lucia Peewee

 Lesser Antillean Pewee is endemic to the island The adult pewee grows to about 15 cm in length. It is quite common and resides mostly in moist forest, but also found in dry forest areas. 

Gray King Bird

Natureworld St. Lucia Grey King bird

(Tyrannus dominicensis) is a passerine bird.Gray kingbirds wait on an exposed perch high in a tree, occasionally sallying out to feed on insects,

Lesser Antillean bullfinch


(Loxigilla noctis) is a species of bird in the family Thraupidae. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical dry forest, subtropical or tropical moist lowland forest

St. Lucian Warbler

Natureworld St. Lucian Warbler

 The warbler is found in all forest types and at all altitudes. It forages for insects from leaves and twigs. It lays in a nicely woven, cup-shaped nest built in a tree about 1-5 m above the ground. 


2 hour Bird Watching excursion. 

6:00 am Start time

Birding expedition visiting 3 waterfalls in the rain forest.